About me

> A Computer Science UG Student from The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

> Founder & participant of Team Unhackable (Hackathon)

> Currently Full Stack & Web3 & Mobile Developer

Tech Fields

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    Full Stack Development

    Backend | API | Frontend

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    Blockchain & WEB 3

    Web3 | Solidity | Truffle

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    Software Development

    Java | Swift | React Native

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    Machine Learning

    Pytorch | SK-Learn | Open-CV

Languages Speaking

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    Chinese (Native)

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    French (Beginners)



  1. BSc (HONS) in Computer Science - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University

    uc logo Sep, 2021 — Aug, 2025

    - Nominated to Fudan University (Mainland, China) & University of Cambridge (UK) from PolyU
    - Student Representative For Department of Computing, Class of 2025

  2. Summer Exchange - University of Cambridge

    uc logo Jul, 2022

    - One-week Online Mathematics for Engineering Summer Programme with Cambridge University (Girton College) 2022

  3. Summer Exchange - Fudan University

    uc logo Jul, 2022

    - Course: Introduction to Al-Probabilistic Reasoning and Decision Making

Work Experience

  1. Backend & Blockchain Development Internship (Full Time)

    Moon Lab Limited (Hong Kong SAR - on site)
    uc logo Jan, 2024 - July, 2024

    - Developed a payment & sharing system for coupons and gift-cards transfer.
    - Implemented a secure authentication system using Firebase and Google Cloud.
    - Worked on the Polygon Chain and the database synchronization for enhanced data integrity.

  2. Full Stack & Web3 Development Internship (Full Time)

    Evergreen Wearable Technology Limited (Hong Kong SAR - on site)
    uc logo Aug, 2023

    - Implemented the Crypto Spot Trading Platform with the chart by React.JS.
    - Implemented the Backend Trading API with Exchange Platform (DEX & CEX) by Python.

  3. Information Technology Internship (Full Time)

    Omniscol Limited (Paris, France - on site)
    uc logo June, 2023 — July, 2023

    - Make the demo and REST API that create the online meeting on MS Teams, Zoom, Google Meeting via Microsoft Graph API & Azure, Google Cloud, Zoom Developer Platform.
    - Make the phone APP use React Native and Expo, also make the OAuth2 in APP login
    - Make the push browser notifications in both online and offline cases.

  4. Development Apprenticeship (Part Time)

    Evergreen Wearable Technology Limited (Hong Kong SAR - on site)
    uc logo Feb, 2023 — May, 2023

    - Making the GameFi Web APP to connect with Blockchain & WEB3 use HTML & CSS & JS, and developing the DApp on Ethereum.
    - Write Solidity Smart Contract and use JS to deploy on Ethereum (EVM).


  1. To-do List RESTFul API (TypeScript + Fastify + MongoDB)

    Nov, 2023

    - Implemented a to-do list restful backend API to manage and organize tasks.
    - Use MongoDB to store the user and task schemes. [GitHub]

  2. Teacher Searching Platform (Next.JS + Node.JS + MySQL)

    Aug, 2023 - Current

    - Implemented a search engine to search the PolyU teachers using RESTful styles to implement backend API.
    - Implemented the auth System for users to login which uses JWT token. [GitHub] [Website]

  3. Web3 Searching Platform (React.JS + Node.JS + MySQL)

    Apr, 2023

    - Made a search engine to search the blockchain information using the own built REST API with authorization to get from Blockchain (Ethereum) by Ethers.JS and Node.JS.
    - Use MySQL database to store the API key which encrypt with user Email. [GitHub] [Website]

  4. Budget iOS APP (Swift + SQLite)

    Mar, 2023 - Current

    - Making a Budget APP which can record user's transactions offline [GitHub] [Website] [Apple Store]

Award & Certificate & Honors

  1. Postman API Fundamentals Student Expert


    The Postman API Fundamentals Student Expert which issue by Postman.

  2. Merit Award in PolyHack2023 Hackathon


    The Merit Award which issue by Google Developer Student Club (GDSC) - PolyU.

  3. Honorable Mentions Award in PolyHack2022 Hackathon


    The Honorable Mentions Award which issue by Google Developer Student Club (GDSC) - PolyU.

  4. Student Representative for COMP Class of 2025 - The Hong Kong Polytechnic University


    Dr. Dennis Liu has nominated me as a representative to join the PolyU Next Departmental Undergraduate Programme Committee (DUPC) Meeting



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